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These are exciting times. It has never been easier to share ideas and act on them. Last month we where blown away by one TEDx organiser who had the idea to get all TEDx organizers together to discuss issues relevant to them. The response was mind blowing, with many people from all over the world participating.

Here are some high lights of the TEDx Organizers Online Gathering.

At TEDxUNPlaza we also want to involve as many people as possible. These gatherings will be based on addressing the challenges the UN is now working on but has not yet solved or cannot solve. The aim is to get people together from, for example, countries concerned with international conflicts to see each other and talk about the issues, and record this citizen diplomacy in action, and have the real preferred decisions voiced.

The basic structure  are online video sessions which can be joined by many people, in groups of up to ten people each, which can be recorded and broadcast. sessions can be curated conversations, short presentations followed by discussions, or learning sessions or workshops. we can have an interactive schedule so people can join or watch sessions as they see fit.

We can have multiple sessions at the same time, and the host or facilitatator for each session can be located  anywhere. We can even crowdsource sessions or do unconference style content in near real time.


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