It’s not often that San Francisco’s Fourth of July Celebration is headlined by a rock band of 10 year-old boys.  WJM is no ordinary band.  William, Jeremy, and Max are three California fifth graders that have turned their love of music into an instrument for change.  Every dollar from WJM’s performances has gone to support children’s charities such as Second Harvest Food Bank, Camp Okizu, San Francisco Firefighters Toys Program, the Bridge School, and St. Baldrick’s.


From Bob Dylan to U2, music has catalyzed social change.  Meanwhile, according to the NAMM Foundation, the percentage of kids with access to music education has declined 50% in recent years due to funding cuts.  WJM is a living example of the power of music in the lives of children, and William, Jeremy and Max hope to share the gift of music with others.  This month, the VH1 Save The Music Foundation and WJM are launching a national partnership to help restore music education in schools through the WJM VH1 Save The Music Foundation Education Fund.  Social change catalyzes music.

Every generation worries about the next generation and the situation is no different today. Yet since the beginning of time, all that has ever happened is that the next generation grows up to create an even better world. If anything, more kids of this new generation are engaging in bettering the world at an earlier age.

Change comes early. Meet WJM, part of the new generation.