Nikhil Seth
United in Action
Lara Stein
The TEDx Community  

Session 1: Women Empowerment

Deepika Mehta
Dance of Prana
Brenda Chapman
Role Model Resilience
Steven Rogers
The Power of Entrepreneurial Pivoting
Sarah Hillware
Harnessing the Power of Girls
Dr. James Doty
The Science of Compassion
Lebo M
They Live in You

Session 2: Change Everything

Dr. Vijay Vad
Simple Solutions for Big Diseases
Tim Draper
Positive Competitive Competitive
Naveen Jain
Solving Grand Challenges Through Innovation & Entrepreneurship
Neil Jain
The Power of Youth Through Innovation & Entrepreneurship
Kay Arnold
The Energy to Change
Mona Mourshed
Solving Global Youth Unemployment
Robert Swan
Leadership on the Edge
Kunal Sood
Change Everything

Session 3: Ideas into Action

Performance by WJM
Eiso Vaandrager
Ideas into Action
Paul Katz
The Power of Entertainment for Cause
Jim Stolze
The World’s Biggest Party, and You’re Invited!
Manoj Bhargava
Ideas, Some are Useful, Some not so Much
Harry Kraemer
Think Bravely
Dean Debiase
Mallory Weggemann
Triumph over Tragedy

Session 4: Being Human

Costa Michailidis
Being Human
Michael Marantz
To Tell Our Story
Jack Andraka
Paywalls vs. Open Access
Corrine Woods
Lets speak to 1 million people
JJ Rendon
Power of One
David Cooperrider
The Power Of Resilience
Jess Ghannam
Global Health Psychology
Lebo M
The Circle of Life