Opal Brainstorms: Inspire, Connect, Act!

89244_opal_logo_300_wide_38077As we inch closer to the monumental day of September 16th, a variety of moving parts from behind the scenes of TEDxUNPlaza are now coming to the forefront. Given TED’s motto of Ideas Worth Spreading, and our own theme of BRAVE: United in Action; we as a collective of inspired souls have been seeking out methods for how all of the incredible soon-to-be articulated ideas can be propagated into tangible, real world action.

Insert Opal Brainstorms, a platform that will be used to further enable you, our TEDxUNPlaza community, to share your ideas, connect with others, and most importantly, support each other in turning your ideas, and the ideas of our speakers, into action.

In the wake of everything that will be discussed throughout the event, we at TEDxUNPlaza intend to ‘strike while the iron’s hot’ in our mission to convert ideas into action. We encourage you to become, and remain engaged with the topics, speakers, issues and causes addressed throughout the TEDxUNPlaza’s programming as a collective group of global citizens; united in action. Furthermore, we challenge you to be inspired, take notes, ask questions and be the change you wish to see in the world. The various platforms we have partnered with will in turn act as vessels to further empower the ideas discussed to evolve into full-scale action.

As you initially navigate the Opal Brainstorms platform, there will be three questions for you to consider, and answer, in order to establish a dialogue towards to your own ideas, and those of the global community:

-       What are you passionate about? (Work, creative output, issues, causes, communities, etc.)

-       What ideas are you working on which may be of interest to other participants? (Short term goals, projects, initiatives, work hobbies)

-       How might other participants help you in furthering your pursuits? (Resources, connections, expertise, feedback, opportunities…)

This initial brainstorm should spark new and exciting connections, advancing our goal of coming together as a collective group of change-makers, risk-takers, and game-changers. As more participants populate the platform with ideas, momentum will build, thus creating the self-sustaining system of inspiration, connection, and action that we all know, love, and crave as truly engaged global citizens.

Throughout TEDxUNPlaza’s diverse programming, we hope connect with as many of our speakers and delegates on site as, and through the medium of the Opal Brainstorms platform, as possible. Opal will be officially opened as of today, September 11th and will remain open until September 22nd. Through Opal’s dynamic interface, a vast assortment of the TEDx community and its inspiring affiliates will be on display, waiting for others to inspire, connect, and act in unison

Following the September 16th affair, the Opal platform will be divided into four sections representing our four sub-themes of the event, those being Women’s Empowerment, Change Everything, Ideas to Action, and Being Human, where new brainstorms will be held. This is the perfect medium to further engage with the TEDxUNPlaza speakers in regard to their causes and how you could be of service to further developing their ideas, and your own into a concrete reality.

Get started by creating your Opal account through the link below:


Learn more about Opal Brainstorms.


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