Host a TEDxUNPlaza Viewing party

A live video feed will be available  straight from the TEDxUNPlaza event on Monday, September 16th 2013. This live stream is available for anyone to watch privately or with a group in the form of a viewing party. (Sometimes called a simulcast.)

If you just want to watch the live stream by yourself or with a few people, go ahead and do so without signing up. If you want to host a viewing party open to the public, please read on and sign up!

We welcome everyone to organize and host a simulcast event and encourage you to make it your own event. In principle everyone is allowed to organize a simulcast event, although we have some conditions. (See below.)  We strive for maximum coverage across the world. Viewing parties should be open to everyone as much as possible.

NOTE: Only companies who are TEDxUNPlaza sponsors are allowed to host viewing parties under the name of their company.

How do I organize a TEDxUNPlaza Viewing Party (Simulcast)?

Please sign up to host a viewing party here

We will follow up with the person responsible for organizing the viewing party.

In case of problems with the signup form, please contact:

For any questions regarding sponsorship matters, contact:

Where are the technical instructions?

Instructions and FAQ can be found here: Livestream instructions and FAQ

Where will I find the live stream?

The streams will be provided on our Live page:


What does TEDxUNPlaza provide?

We provide a live, high quality video stream through a video streaming provider which can be projected on a big screen.

(Access details will be communicated.)

What defines a TEDxUNPlaza viewing party?

An official location at which you can watch a HD live stream of the TEDxUNPlaza 2013 event at the United Nations Plaza in New York.

Venue, technical and organizational requirements

  • - A venue: 50 – 250 people (indication)
  • - A more or less open invitation policy
  • - Projector (beamer) and Projector Screen
  • - An audio system which can be connected to the computer playing the live stream which is powerful enough to provide clear sound to every person in the viewing room.
  • - Computer with broadband internet access (> 4 Mb, preferably 6 Mb)
  • - Recommended: a so-called back-channel for e.g. Twitter communication
  • - Recommended: an open mind and excitement for ideas and collaboration
  • - Potentially your own programme with speakers, music etc.


  • - A TEDxUNPlaza viewing party must be free of charge. (A small fee as compensation for drinks and food is of course allowed.)
  • - Branding should remain official and will be managed by TEDxUNPlaza. With regard to any communication about the event, please always use TEDxUNplaza as the event name plus your location, for example “TEDxUNPlaza @ Doha.”
  • - Your viewing party should be open to the public.
  • - If you want to run your viewing party as an invite only event, please get permission from TEDxUNPlaza. Contact:
  • - A full description of the viewing party has to be provided to TEDxUNPlaza, including event’s communication details and address of the venue. This information will also be used for publication on the TEDxUNPlaza website where appropriate.


We will be in touch after you have registered.

What will the Program look like?

Our website has the latest information about the program and speaker lineup.