Host a Global Citizens Online Gathering

Dear Global Citizens,

You are invited to participate in the upcoming Global Citizens Online Gathering, an online event to engage in interactive conversations about global issues facing people across borders, with citizens and leaders sharing best ideas for what can be done.

The Global Citizens Online Gathering will be held worldwide via google hangouts on Sunday September 15, 1 PM – 6 PM Eastern US Time, on the day before TEDxUNPlaza. Please save the date. We will be coordinating the hosting of this event and you are invited to propose and host a session on an issue you care about at

Session hosts will provide a gracious space for all participants and facilitate the flow of the conversation to result in the most fruitful contribution of ideas. Hosts must enjoy and appreciate good conversation, embrace diverse approaches, and see forward towards powerful possibilities.

Below are the requirements for hosting a session (requires approximately 3-4 hours of time total):

1) Participate in one 1 hour orientation/planning session for your hangout. We will offer 5 options for these at different times in the 3 weeks prior to the event. This will allow hosts to test using hangouts, and go over the basics of hosting and running a hangout on air. Each planning session will take around 60 minutes. If you have never hosted a google hangout before, plan some extra time to practice as needed.

2) Prepare for your session. Depending on the topic and your knowledge, prepare a short 5-10 minute or at most a 15 minute introduction of your session to share near the beginning of your session. The purpose of these sessions is primarily to hold a conversation, so create key questions in mind to open and invite conversation and engagement by participants. Write a session title (a short phrase or topic that is inviting) and a description (up to 3-4 sentences, and may include links). Consider if you will invite additional 1 or 2 special guests. Process should take around 60-120 minutes.

3) Host your Google hangout, opening the hangout 15 minutes early and running for 60 minutes. 75 minutes.

4) Complete a brief follow-up survey that shares the key outcomes and any next actions to be taken.

The schedule and details will be shared at . To learn more and discuss ideas, join our facebook group at