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At TEDxUNPlaza, we’re currently looking for bloggers from all over the world, as we want to keep our fans and audiences up to date via several websites and social media channels. At our “company blog” (yes, that’s where you are right now) we want to keep people who are interested in TEDxUNPlaza and the TED-movement involved with news, background stories, fresh TED-talks from all over the globe, interviews with our partners and much, much more. We can’t do it all by ourselves. Maybe…. we need YOU.

You can join the TEDxUNPlaza blogging team. Why should you and what do you need?

  • It’ll enhance your network
  • It will give you online presence
  • It will pave the way to join the TEDxUNPlaza event
  • It will enlighten your mind
  • In sum: it will make you a blogging rockstar

All we ask, is a dedicated monthly commitment to blogging, excellent writing skills in English and creative story ideas on Technology Entertainment and Design. A little bit of experience on our cms WordPress will probably help out, too


In the blogging team, we also are looking for two proofreaders/senior editors who can do a checkup and final edit on all the nice blogposts we write! Would you like to join the ever expanding TEDxUNPlaza blogging team?

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We’ve made a short form to get to know you a bit better and we’d like to hear about your motivation on becoming a member of the TEDxUNPlaza blogging team!


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