Global Citizens Online Gathering

Dear Fellow Citizens,

You are cordially invited to attend the Global Citizens Online Gathering on Sunday September 15, 1 pm – 6 pm Eastern US Time. This event, on the day before TEDxUNPlaza, is an opportunity for citizens across the planet to share the best ideas and actions that belong in the future you are committed to making real. Sessions will be hosted in English, Spanish, Arabic and other languages.

Plan to join from our interactive Schedule, which gives you access to participate in all sessions, or to watch video. Invite your friends and hold conversations in advance and afterwards on our Event Page on Facebook. No need to acquire tickets to attend. Simply plan to join the Google Hangouts or to watch the videos from the schedule. All sessions will be in groups of up to 10 people in each hosted session, multiple sessions will occur concurrently, and broadcast streams and recordings of the video will be available for all.

The inspiration for this event is the brave actions of global citizens who have made key differences locally and globally, and on whose legacy our work builds. Sessions will be hosted by recognized leaders and emerging voices and also by ordinary citizens with commitments focused on their local areas.

We will begin the event with an Opening Session for all beginning at 1pm Eastern US Time. Beginning at 2pm, Google Hangout sessions will be hosted our trained organizers in multiple tracks running concurrently. Topics will range across the spectrum of issues relating to our sustainability, and will include open discussion and some focused learning sessions.