Global Citizen’s Online Gathering

How do we improve communications across our world? We have developed the technology to communicate in seconds around the world and to live in space, but in thousands of years of human history, with the creativity of billions of people, we have not yet managed to live harmoniously together as a global population. When you watch the news, you probably notice a lot of stories about people hurting other people and a lot of stories about people wanting to correct the situation by hurting back.

TEDxUNPlaza is dedicated to bringing ideas for positive change into action in the world. We would like your help. Together, as global citizens of the world, we can share our ideas and join together to strengthen the conversation that change can happen through collaborating toward  positive outcomes. Please participate in the free, online TEDxUNPlaza Global Citizen’s Online Gathering this Saturday, 15 September, 2013 from 1:00 pm to 6:00 pm eastern time US (EST).  It is time for citizens and leaders and organizations to join together to share our best ideas and experiences of what works.

The idea for the Global Citizens Online Gathering grew out of Phil Klein’s search for antidotes to ethnocentrism and for ways to share knowledge across international borders. A TEDx organizer from Seattle, Washington in the United States, Phil is active in local community projects as well international initiatives, and sees the TEDxUNPlaza event as a way to “bring together citizens from around the world into productive, active conversation that will pollenate the future.” He feels it is a natural extension of the unprecedented TEDx event at the United Nations. “We feel the spirit of the audience is as powerful as the speakers – we are generating a new platform for citizen engagement.  Democracy is the idea that everyone with a voice has the ability to use it well. We have practiced democracy at the level of nations, regions and neighborhoods, but we haven’t done it internationally.”

Phil had the vision to use new technology to help facilitate international citizen democracy. The global gathering will take place using Google+ hangouts on air which allow personal interaction and use YouTube to broadcast around the world.  There are also discussion communities on Facebook and Google+. No pre-registration is required. There is an interactive schedule and at the time of the event, people click a link to watch or join the broadcast. Topics will range across a spectrum of issues and will include open discussion and some focused learning sessions. TEDxUNPlaza will host follow-up sessions and in true global citizen’s style, follow-up will also happen as a matter of the individual choice and initiative of the participants.

Being a global citizen means being committed to a positive vision of the future that we are committed to bring into being.  Each of us regardless of our circumstances has power. We have resources and vision and the ability to participate together in a shared global network which is in need of greater democracy. Everyone has something to important contribute, including their listening. As Phil Klein so aptly says, “the challenge is not how many people aren’t participating, it’s when and how each of us shows up when given the opportunity.” Hope to see you at

the Global Citizens Online Gathering.


Jennifer Barr
About Jennifer Barr
Jennifer Barr volunteers on the TEDxUNPlaza social media team. She lives in Silicon Valley, California. She is the Social Media Marketing Manager for Cisco’s Corporate Social Responsibility program and is responsible for their social media marketing strategy and implementation. Previously she was a product marketing manager on Google+. She has served on the core organizing team of 8 TEDx events and is currently the co-curator of TEDxBerkeley.

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