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Global Citizen’s Online Gathering

How do we improve communications across our world? We have developed the technology to communicate in seconds around the world and to live in space, but in thousands of years of human history, with the creativity of billions of people, we have not yet managed to live harmoniously together as a global population. When you watch the news, you probably notice a lot of stories about people hurting other people and a lot of stories about people wanting to correct ...


The Future is Ours to Create

The TEDxUNPlaza team is made up of TEDx organizers from around the world. Many of us have been working for years to create positive change. Our vision for TEDxUNPlaza is to introduce "Ideas Worth Spreading" and turn them into measurable real-world action. We are inspired by Michael Marantz’s video, The Future is Ours, which reminds us that “The future does not belong to the faint hearted, it belongs to the brave.” With Brave: United in Action, our goal is to ...


Inspire, Connect, Act

Are you inspired by ideas about bringing positive change into the world? What if you had practical ways to focus and take action to put them into effect? This is the vision of TEDxUNPlaza, BRAVE: United in Action, to be held at the United Nations on September 16, 2013. At this independently organized TEDx event, a group of visionary speakers will share ideas worth spreading and inspire people to help in sharing their message. TEDxUNPlaza brings together the spirit of bravery ...