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Triumph over Tragedy: A Moment with Mallory Weggemann

On January 21st, 2008, Mallory Weggemann went to the doctor’s office for an eqidural injection. She never walked out. What was supposed to be a routine procedure to treat chronic back pain proved to turn Mallory’s life on its head, completely paralyzing her from the waist down. Take a second to imagine that, having your entire life - of which for Mallory was soon to be that of a collegiate Division 1 ...


This year’s TEDxUNPlaza event would not be possible without contributions from a handful of vested partners and sponsors committed to both TED’s vision of “Ideas Worth Spreading” along with TEDxUNPlaza’s own theme of “BRAVE: United in Action”. Our partners are innovators in their field, philanthropists and game-changers, all of whom are working to build a brighter future for our world. TEDxUNPlaza has partnered with world-renowned management consultancy firm McKinsey & ...


At the fresh age of fourteen, Dr. Jess Ghannam – Clinical Professor at UCSF - took a language immersion trip to Mexico City. What he would eventually see and experience - miles upon miles of slums housing hundreds of thousands of people living in abject poverty – would leave an impression on him that has yet to dissipate, even decades later. “To see that [poverty] on such a grand scale, even ...


Interview with mr. Harry Kraemer

It has been just over a decade since Harry M. Jansen Kraemer Jr., then CEO of Baxter International, made headlines for something that is often overlooked in today’s corporate culture, he did the right thing. It all began in August 2001, when Baxter International – a global healthcare conglomerate- had a major crisis on the rise, hospital patients in Spain were dying. At first glance, nothing seemed ...