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After an accident, how does the human body take care of itself to repair, recover, and grow?  “The body’s internal emergency response team is the first one on the scene, responding instantly to biochemical distress signals from damaged tissue,” explained Dr. Vijay Vad, an expert in developing minimally invasive non-surgical treatments for spine, arthritis, and sports injuries.  Specialized cells and proteins seal off the injured area, destroy damaged tissue, and kill invading bacteria.  This is our body’s inflammatory response at ...


Opal Brainstorms: Inspire, Connect, Act!

As we inch closer to the monumental day of September 16th, a variety of moving parts from behind the scenes of TEDxUNPlaza are now coming to the forefront. Given TED’s motto of Ideas Worth Spreading, and our own theme of BRAVE: United in Action; we as a collective of inspired souls have been seeking out methods for how all of the incredible soon-to-be articulated ideas can be propagated into tangible, real ...


On Tuesday afternoon at TEDxSummit, Hans Rosling sat down with a group of fans to talk about presenting data with passion, using Legos, rocks and humor. He muses, too, on TEDx itself, the worldwide movement of people sharing ideas at independent events in their own communities. What does it mean that so many people want to be part of TEDx -- and what's next? Film: What Took You So Long? Music: Just ...