Renee Blodgett

Rene-BlogettWhat is your TEDx job?

Marketing, PR & Media Strategy for TEDxUNPlaza; Co-Curator & Communications/Social Media for TEDxBerkeley.


Your Favorite TEDtalk?

It was more of a TED “moment” from a performance between Herbie Hancock and Yo Yo Ma on the main TED stage. I was sitting in the front row when these two performers created magic together for the first time, unrehearsed. Being brought to tears from a performance that combined the best of raw beauty and creativity was the only reaction possible. The result? Pure joy.


What would you speak about during a 3 minute TEDx Talk?

How & Why Fragility Mixed with Flexiblity Can Transform People, Companies & Countries.


Come up with five keywords that define you.

Creative, Connector, Resilient, Fun, Empathetic, Passionate


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