1 United Nations Plaza, New York, NY 10017, United States (map)


What do i need to enter the United Nations building?

The security at the UN will be high.

  • You need an official identification document to receive your badge.  (MAKE SURE YOU HAVE THIS WITH YOU!)
  • Getting through security will take 15-30 min. Make sure you arrive on time.
  • You will need an escort to get to the TEDxUNPlaza event, escorts will arrive every 10 min to shuttle people to the event.

How to get an invitation?

We want our audience to be just as inspiring as the ideas on stage. We will bringing together political leaders, NGO’s, CEO’s, young entrepreneurs, social innovators and maybe you! to create a movement around the ‘ideas in action’.

TEDxUNPlaza is an invitation only event. To be considered as a delegate you need to register! Find more information about this procedure below, as well as links to make your own profile and indicate your interest.

TEDxUNPlaza is ‘invite only’, a decision we’ve taken for a number of reasons:

a) we believe that TEDxUNPlaza is so much more than just a conference; we actually want the ideas presented on stage to become reality as much as possible, so we are looking at creating the right environment for that to happen.

b) when selecting our audience, we’re looking at a specific kind of diversity – people from different sectors – who, when pooled together, represent the right synergy and potential for ideas to really germinate.

c) we’re also looking for real innovators; people with a track record of taking bold ideas to fruition.

We definitely don’t want TEDxUNPlaza to be an elitist event; and we do want to make it accessible to as many people as possible. So on that note, we’re not only creating novel ways for people to get a ticket, but we’re also working on simucast projects so everybody who is unable to be part of the audience can still be part of the magic.

Please make sure to complete your application as soon as possible!

Hotel Reservations:

Guests of TEDxUNPlaza have until September 3 to make a reservation with “ONE UN New York” Millennium Hotel at a special TEDx rate. You are invited to call their main reservation line at 877-866-7529 and referring to group code 1309TEDXUP or by clicking this link Ted X UN Plaza – Group 2