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  • TEDxUNPlaza was thrilling!

    TEDxUNPlaza was thrilling. To find out about TEDx events near you check out: www.tedx.com Read More

  • 7 Visionaries Brave Enough To Change Everything!

    Up first on September 16 was a moving session on Women Empowerment followed by a session entitled Change Everything, which included accomplished leaders in business and government. Renowned investor and entrepreneur Tim Draper kicked things off. Tim started his talk comparing government and private sector business models. He asks, "monopolies are bad and competition is good, so why are governments all monopolies? What about competitive ... Read More

  • TEDxUNPlaza Speakers On What It Means To Be Human!

    Costa Michailidis opened the Being Human Session, the very last session of the day of TEDxUNPlaza. Michael Marantz, the first speaker, is an independent director and filmmaker. After being diagnosed with cancer at the age of 21, he rediscovered a new passion for being alive, constantly looking to discover more about life, technology, and why humans do what we do. Read More

  • TEDxUNPlaza Speakers On Moving “Ideas To Action”

    After a warm, amusing and enchanting performance by the ever so talented WJM Band, a rock band of 10 year old boys, Paul Katz took the TEDxUNPlaza stage on September 16 to kickstart a conversation on Ideas to Action, the title of the third session of the event. Entertainment industry executive, two-time Grammy nominee and social entrepreneur, Paul Katz is the founder and CEO of Commit Media. Read More

  • Women Empowerment: Mehta, Chapman & Hillware Move The Audience

    The first TEDxUNPlaza session was entitled Women Empowerment and while two fabulous men were also in this session: Steven Rogers, a professor at Harvard Business School and Dr. James Doty, the founder and director of the Center for Compasion and Altruism Research and Education at Stanford University, this post focuses on the three awe-inspiring women on stage on September 16. New age yogini Deepika Mehta, writer and ... Read More

  • Watch TEDxUNPlaza

    Watch the TEDxUNPlaza sessions here: Session 1: Women Empowerment Session 2: Change Everything Session 3: Ideas into Action Session 4: Being Human We will be releasing the individual talks in the next weeks.   See the photo's of TEDxUNPlaza here It was magically See you next year! Read More



September 16, 2013 | United Nations NYC

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